Sunday, June 20, 2010


Dear friends, online buyers, fellow bloggers , sirs and madams.

Have you ever felt frustrated after you order a product advertised in a website as gold but turned to be lead?

I am sure you did at least once

This blog was created in order to be a meeting point for all of us that DONT want to be ripped off anymore from sellers that advertise their miracle products that dont WORK but their is nobody to put them behind the bars.

With your help i hope that in here we will manage to  review EVERYTHING that is for sale on internet. Sounds too big to do it? Dont worry ,  i will do the start and we will see from here.

Just send me experiences you had with products you had buy over the internet and i will put then on the blog for everybody to see and comment.

I will add the first review of one of my experience with acai berry and colon cleanse pills soon so keep tuned!

Intenet Sellers ... Be READY ..... READBEFOREYOUORDER is here!!!

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